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Fenli is quite the little enigma. No one knows where she came from or where she goes when she's done for the day. She just kind of appeared one day and did her best to blend in with the little town (failing miserably). She has been spotted in many different areas, all of which are pretty far from each other. It's puzzling how she gets from place to place so quickly, without any means of transportation.

She is held with different opinions depending on the area she visits. Some towns see her as a nuisance. Others have warmed up to her presence and treat her like the local lovable stray, giving her free food and places to stay the night. She is even banned in some villages because of... reasons.

Favourite Food

Favourite Color


Professional free-loader

Extra Details

Speaks in the third person.

Is a lot older than she looks/acts.

Has a certain air of mystery about her despite always being so open.

Always smells faintly of blood (only those with the most sensitive noses can pick it up).

Has the ability to appear where ever and whenever she wants and leave the same way. Can't do this when anyone is watching, though.

Is eager yet pretty incompetent when helping people.

Eye Colors



Extra Attributes

Wears a white medical patch over her right eye (no one knows why or if she really even needs it). Typically wears a large, white shirt and black spandex shorts. Only stands as tall as an average sized humanoid's waist.

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A small and excitable cabbit who is as mysterious as she is eccentric.

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