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The most insanely happy blue fox furry you are ever to meet :D

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I went to my first convention ConFuzzled (23rd to 27th May 2014); with my bestie MarblesWoofy where my fur suit debuted. Met many splendid furs including my now ex boyfriend and many new friends. Big shout out to Jester the tiger the first furry I ever met! Closely followed by Marbles the husky my pal since 2005. At my first London meet in August 2013 I met the shy and retiring Acey-Woofer who then allowed me to wear his Acey suit, which spurred me on to commission my own suit! Not forgetting the many other fabulous furries I have met since, I am genuinely proud to be acquainted with a lot of interesting people from the shores of the UK to mainland Europe and even further.

I attend meets in London and Birmingham mostly, with visits to Manchester and Basingstoke, and SurreyFurs.

Have met some lovely furry friends who have become close friends and I hope to enjoy more events (including conventions) and look forward to more adventures with such interesting and cuddly fluffs :P


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