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My name's Usagi, also known as Usagi Angelique. I like to draw a lot of cute furry girls, monster girls, and regular ol' human girls - usually in lewd contexts, though I like drawing cute SFW stuff as well. I'm not exactly a household name, since I've only been drawing and uploading actively for under a year - but nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy my art and that I can get to know some of you!

Also, if you're so inclined, you can find links to some of my other pages below.

FurAffinity | DeviantArt


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This site's all new and funky and pretty neat. I'm Usagi and I'll be posting here too from now on! I draw a lot of lewd furry and monster girls but also sometimes I draw cute stuff too. I also have an FA and a DA (links in full journal!) Look forward to meeting you all!
22/05/2016 20:24


Kiritsune posted to Usagi Angelique

22/05/2016 20:16

Welcome to Furrific! ' ^'

Usagi Angelique ยท 22/05/2016 22:46

Thank you! ^^

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