Brian the Tiger is feeling Bored
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Hi. I'm Brian the Tiger and I hope we can get along as friends.

Profile of Brian the Tiger

Name: Brian

Age: 4

Species: Tiger

Gender: Male

Skills: Is a good bulider

Fur: Orange with black stripes

Eyes: Blue

Likes: Diapers,Getting changed, girl clothes, pouncing on other cubs

Dislikes: Being ignored, bad foods, time-outs, pull-ups and spankings


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Jason Fox

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11/06/2016 01:46

Brian Tiger

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11/06/2016 01:25


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Ty Wolvington! posted to Brian

11/06/2016 02:27

Hello, Mr. Tiger! Or should I call you Brian?....This is the one and only Ty Wolvington!...Please! No applause is needed....Care to talk?