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He was born in the territory by the sea. Later became a kingdom. He was always talking about adventures when he was a pup. Once he could leave, he did. His kingdom and land. Gone. Ren was unreachable for years. He came back to his kingdom, to renounce his citizen ship there. It didn't go over with his mother well. In the end he stole his new sister Amy, took a renegade group, and stormed back to Vinrena. Becoming a high ranked General. Until the land fell into a unstoppable war. Where he and Amy ran away, with the clothes on there backs and a round of bullets left. Amy went home, to find her own adventure and Ren sold himself as a hired killer. They called themselves Mercenaries. He joined a team of them, but with his luck, they all died. So he just stopped for a while hid in a random land, then a new superpower grew. Peace Corp. Looking for "Vets of the armies of the worlds." To join there Military. Ren having nothing better and no people to be afraid of (other then the swarm of ex's) joined. They showed him what a true fighter can be. Cold and heartless. He visited his home. To see all his siblings and listen to Esmeralda on how every man his mother has been with. Was lying and cheating there way up the latter of ranks. Ren now had no reasons to be home. Every good soul was a lying one. He looked for his sister, to hear she was killed. So he joined Peace Corp's Military. Quickly getting promoted to Commander, and has no reason to be kind.

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General of Vinrena armies. - Previously

Mercenary - Previously

Commander for Peace Corp's Military - Currently

Extra Details

Has hearing issues, an ex girlfriend shot next to his head. She tried to kill him.

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Has a chipped ear. Has a red spot on his eye. Gold marking down his arms and on his back. Looks burned.

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Ren the cold hearted, unloving first son of Lotus.

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Just warning, very rude, cold and mean. No Nsfw.