xXxPlutoxXx the Dragon wolf is feeling Disappointed
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Hey, you are wondering how you got here huh? Well welcome to our profile. Me and my friends share one. Lets talk about them.

Pluto- Writer and main manger of account. (The one who typed this up.) Always purple. Cat wolf dragon bird thing.

Alex- The man behind the technical issues. Our lovely mechanic. He is usually working. Blue Werewolf

Lotus- Originally the account owner and founder. You probably know her when she is online. She can be loud. Red always Dragon Wolf

Ren- Just a good shot. Lotus' closes friend. Green Werewolf/Lycan

Esmeralda- Bright happy. Thief. Emmy or E. Yellow or Blue Ferret Crow.

Ravon- Draconian god. He is kinda awesome! But, his worst problem is a drinking one. White or black Dragon

You understand, but I'm not gonna change colors in the middle of a long paragraph. The colors only matter when I'm doing a chat room story. When we send a message we kinda type all together. When its someone typing as me they do this Hey, I'm pretending to be Pluto. When I am me most of the time its just bold. Then we all sign, whoever helped type it. Or participated. (Or was around in general. ) So anyways that's really it. For now. I cant to special stuff rn. It hurts my brain. Ttyl. ~Pluto, Alex, Lotus, and Emmy.


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I STOLE PLUTO’S PHONE. I’m her best friend. And I shall take over all her stuff. Sense she yeah you know is at my house. So Emmy out AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
14/08/2018 02:23


I, haven’t really been honest, I’m currently a mess. You don’t want to know the new list. I haven’t been on. And my friends have been going threw some stuff. I don’t know what to do. I will be back online more often and stuff. I just, im sorry for shutting down on you guys. I hope you can forgive...
13/08/2018 07:48


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Male · North siberian blood hound · Gay · Cancer
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Nicknames Nom Nom
A young wolf with crazy ideals. And a slightly homicidal plans. He is just sprinkled with cyberne...
19/12/2017 17:31


Male · Wolf · Asexual · Aries
Role-playing Yes
Nicknames Commander, Sir, General, Big bad wolf
Ren the cold hearted, unloving first son of Lotus.
13/12/2017 17:11


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