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I will continue to post here, but I will actually put more orders when a furry wave comes (or if the site has a major update)

It is possible that my English is a little broken. Be indulgent please. It's through interactions that I'm going to improve myself.
Advice is welcome.

All the characters here are +18
If there is an exception, it will be for script-writing reasons which will be sfw for characters -18
(Flashback to a character's past, character's children and other such stuff)

~About me~

Any pronouns
Born 04/05

Well ... Hello!
I thank anyones who watchs and favs me
Shouts, comments and messages are welcome!
(The comments under the posts are very appreciated)

My nickname is Xiardoruzo Jesselim
But you can call me Xiardo or Jesse or some other friendly nickname
I am a French Canadian with a little broken English, I have some aspirations such as becoming an artist but I am only a commissioner at the moment and write from time to time (If i'm not too lazy x3 )

I've been furry for a very long time, although I didn't know the term
I joined the community because I seemed to find a lot of things that I loved that echoed my childhood in part
It is also that it seemed to me an ideal place to express my fantasies and kinks which were more and more growing
which often takes cosmic proportions of which I am often a victim~

If you are curious, I made a list of kinks here

You can contact me without problem, I don't bite.
but keep in mind that i am
selectively social

if we have things in common we risk getting along well

Don't come just for that
especially since I'm picky about it
I want to know you a little before

Psss, friends and I have a discord server here for the fat, macro and other kinks...
~Everyfur is welcome~


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Which site to store lore/story/ocs/universe?

I wonder what kind of site would be better for storing personal lore and storing worlds
1 week ago
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I had a discussion with an artist recently, I don't really feel legitimate to talk about it, especially since I'm just a commissioner
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Lunaris_Parukia posted to xiardoruzo

1 week ago

Thank you furry much for the Sub~! ^w^
I hope you'll enjoy my Pokémorph artwork~ =3

Erwill posted to xiardoruzo

05/06/2020 20:33

Moi aussi :3