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The inside of the dungeon was no reflection of the outside.

Plant roots dug through the walls of it, dropping down through the ceiling and cracking the stones upon the walls. The skeletal remains of, hopefully, long dead things littered the hall. Nightmarish scenarios began to play out in Tango's mind as he looked around, seeing cobwebs upon the walls that seemed to creep and crawl deeper down the corridor.

They're not really moving, Tango. Your eyes are just playing tricks on you. Relax.

Of course, it was easier said than done, and reassuring himself was getting to be that much harder as Erna tickled her claws along the back of Tango's neck. "Sure is spoooooky in here," she teased, wobbling her voice as she spoke to imitate every horror cliche that she knew. "I don't think either one of us is going to make it out alive!"

"Oh, knock it off!" Tango growled, narrowing his eyes at Erna for a moment, before turning them back onto the map. "According to this, there's a chamber at the end of this long hallway to the right. We should find what we're looking for in there."

Erna was still trying to cover her giggles. She was struggling mightily with it, showing that she actually wasn't the least bit afraid of the place. "Does the map list where all the demons and monsters are? That would probably be good to know, so they don't catch you peeing yourself."

"There. Are. No. Monsters." Tango said, allowing his words to stammer out to show just how fed up he was with Erna's teasing. That wasn't going to stop her, of course, and even as they walked down the dimly lit hallway, with only the glow of torch light to guide their path, Erna was trying to think of others ways to mess with her friend.

"That. You. Can. See," Erna shot back, mimicking his serious tone and pace word for word. Tango could only roll his eyes at that point as they passed another set of web covered remains. Deep down though he was really hoping beyond hope she was wrong.

art by Kodardragon

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