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━━━━?━━━━ welcome to my page

please do not give me criticism I don't like it please do not give it to me I don't want it
Hi my name is kitty johnny 13 girlfriend I love him very much but I dislike when johnny 13 flirt with other girls ߘ᠂ut we love each other very much yes ߒˠif anyone gonna hurt my honey boo will have to go thrur me ߑʠYes I'm a barb I LOVE MISS NICKI MINAJ TWO DEATH I LOVE DAN PHANTOM cause he a suff muffin ߒˠߒފ
I have a lot of alter egos in me I tell you guys

I been liveing in the ghost zone ߑ렳ince my death in the 1980 cause of johnny bad luck shadow but im use two shadow being around i love my shadow as well im friends with everyone in the ghost zone and i even possesed paulina as well in ep lucky in love ߘ܊
When i was 9 i had the biggiest Crush On Dannny Phantom When It First Came On When I Went To WildWood 10 Years Ago When i Was 11 I Fell In Love With Naruto Uzumaki And End My crush On Danny For Naruto Now I Fell In Love With Danny Alter Future Of His Self Dan Phantom Dark Danny The Sexiness Guy In The World ߒˠAnd My Teddy Bear ߐ렁nd Crushing On Raimundo Pedrosa From Xiaolin Showdown

I have a lil sister name rose but i call her rosey as a nick name She is very silly but i love her and i do care ߒˊ
1) Being with Johnny 13 ߒڊ
2) With My Home Girls Ember Mclain And Penelope Spectra ߒˊ
3) Helping danny ߑ늊4) Crushing On Dan Phantom ߒˊ
5) Pikachu Fave Pokemon ( Cutie Pie) ߒˊ
1) Johnny Flirts With Other Girls in Amity Park ߘኊ2) Johnny Loves That Bike More then me ߘኊ3) Geting InTo Fights With Johnny When He Dont Get His Way ߘኊHow I became a barb
I became I barb in 2010 or 2011 3 or 2 years ago I began to fall in love with miss nicki minaj and her music I had her first album pink Friday and it had my boy slim shady eminem alter ego then I became more crazy fan to her I was indeed happy I start follow nicki on twitter and I wait for her to follow back I keep saying one day she follow back in 2012 sometime in fall someone says good job and I didn't know what he or see talking about and I look and there was nicki who follow back and I was so happy with joy since this day I was happy that my request is over

Alter ego's
My favorite pages
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Favorite page 
#1 sexy husband ߒ
Favorite page #2 my badbitch ߔ
Favorite page #3
Favorite page #4 my cutie pie ߒ
Favorite page #5 my husband ߒ

TV shows 
the haves and the have nots every Tuesday ? 
All shows I like to watch

Ships and oc I made
Nikki the hedgehog 
(Sonic x Nikki Sonikki) ?
akira the hedgehog
Andrw (narusaku ?)
Christina Hernandez ( my TD oc) 
Duncan x Christina (dunchristina ) ? my otp in total drama

Fave ships
sonai (Akai x Sonic) ?
dunchristina (Duncan x Christina) by me ?
sonamy (Amy x sonic) ?
Shadouge (shadow X Rouge) ?
Knuxouge (knuckles X Rouge) ?
danny x Sam ( Danny Phantom) ?
zoke ( Mike and zoey from total drama) ?
bbrae ( raven x Beast Boy ) ?
robstar ( Robin X Starfire) ?
narusaku ( Naruto X Sakura) ?
sasukarin ( Sasuke X Karin)?
sasuhina ( Sasuke X Hinata)?
mensaku ( menma x sakura ) like narusaku ?
I hate hinata from naruto 

Hate ships 
Nikki X Erin (eww) 
Anti pedo 
Things I will not do or draw
No child pedo
Don't ship my characters with Erin or no one that not sonic from the archie or my ships that I love that I do respect my wishes 
Anti criticism do not give it to me 

Ships are Canon
Sonic X Nikki (fanon ship)
Riku X Miyuki
Dylan X amieka (fanon)
Narusaku (fanon)
Sasukarin (fanon)

Do not ship my characters with noone
Do not ship my oc with Erin 
Do not ship my oc with other characters that ain't
Sonic X Nikki 
azumi X scourge
Andrew X Natalie 
riku X Miyuki 
or the ships I do with Dylan X ameika 
Do not ship my characters with other people like Erin 

I do healthy relationships for my couples and no rape riku and Miyuki has a strong bond relationship like narusaku I hope people understand that he is not a cheating bastard will not cheat on his wife or anybody else making another page don't like what I do beat it. 
⠀━━━━?━━━━ Welcome ⠀━━━━?━━━━
Making my own page ;)


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