youknowyourgirl the Neko is feeling Suicidal
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I love MHA and I love it more in nekos and bunnies! Not on much due to school but ill try to be on everyday exept saturdays and sundays hope you enjoy my art!


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suicidal-dont look if triggered easily

let me know I'm not the only one thinking about taking my life don't look if triggered by blood slight gore abuse and suicide and other things relating to suicide let me think if I would stay or if I should go and listen to the song dark enough by Amanda lopiccolo
5 months ago


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Izuku midoriya

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1 week ago

denki kaminari

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denki is my profile pic here he isyouknowyourgirl {/youknowyourgirl}
5 months ago


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i guys i know that a lot of people are probably confused by my profile stuff but I'm still new to this and I hope yall can help me

youknowyourgirl · 5 months ago · 1 Reply

b on tommorow bye

Hazel · 6 days ago

okie dokie