Yue Hamilton the Lion

Yue is one of the two sons of the most dangerous criminal of Manchester, Jeff with a former stripper named Lisa. When Yue was 6 years old, he, along with his twin brother, Yuri, ran away from home after his mother had supposedly been killed by his father, but the brothers split up while being hunted by some criminals sent by Jeff. The plan of this crime lord was to make his sons as prodigy criminals, so one of them would succeed as the new leader of his crime organization, but both Yue and Yuri don't want to hurt anyone, and after they had split up, they took different paths. Yue lived as a homeless boy from 6 to 7 years old until he was found and welcomed by an old man named Park Chung-Han, which is a Hapkido master. For years, Yue trained the art of Hapkido with Chung-Han, and sees him as a true father for him. Yue's fire powers were inherited from his father. It's unknown how Jeff got the pyrokinesis and Yue wishes to discover clues about the origin of his powers. Yue sings very well, and likes to sing some songs he composed with his guitar in certain places, specially in school during recess (Yes, he got registered in a school by his master)


1.85 Meters · 6 Feet, 0.83 Inches


72Kg · 11 Stone, 4.73 Pound

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Name: Yue Hamilton

Age: 25

Birthday Date: August 26th

Birthplace: Manchester, England

Personalities: Calm, loyal, serious, gentle, patient but cold

Fighting Style: Hapkido

Powers: Pyrokinesis (He can manipulate fire)

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