Zack Casey the Fox is feeling Sleepy
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Self-taught programmer, 3D modeler, and artist. Love playing The Sims.


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New brushes, new home, new everything

So at the time I signed up, I lived in a house that was basically falling apart. A year or two later everything from the appliances to the toilet braking down. We moved a few weeks ago because we realized we couldn't live in it any longer. Recently, when Mom returned to get more stuff the a peace...
30/10/2015 16:51

Style consistency

Sweet! My suggestion for more colours became a reality. Thanks. ^^ Anyway, gonna try to work on keeping my work a bit more consistent the rest of this year and going into next year. Since the beginning my artwork has evolved and changed in style but I've never stuck with something I like. The on...
11/08/2015 12:10


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Stevie C

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Replic TuaniOne posted to Zack Casey

17/07/2015 16:58

Hey Zack!, welcome to Furiffic ^^

Glad you could make it here as well :)

Zack Casey · 17/07/2015 19:03 · 1 Reply

Glad to be here. :D

Replic TuaniOne · 17/07/2015 19:05

^^ hope you like it :)

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