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I encourage everyone who has been treated unfairly in the art community to check out this journal I posted. https://zingiberart.deviantart.com/journal/Being-treated-fairly-726040702 {https://zingiberart.deviantart.com/journal/Being-treated-fairly-726040702}
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Species: cat
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Species: Tabby Cat
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lupeyroo posted to Zingiber

19/10/2016 16:40

Your art is truly stunning!  ♥

Zingiber · 20/10/2016 14:28 · 1 Reply

;///; ♥ ah lupey, thank you so much. i try >v< . *hugs* n3n what kind words ♥

lupeyroo · 20/10/2016 16:31

No worries! just say it when i see it :P I love the details in your lines!