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Collar for purchase

A collar made with nylon webbing and a ribbon or fabric of your choice! This collar is tug proof, but should not be used for more than a tug or pull, no hard tugs or pulls should be made when using th
2 months ago

Ribbon Choker for purchase

This is a simple Ribbon choker! Not made for pulling or tugging, simple for decor. The base is just the ribbon with ribbon ends and a clasp. Customer will pay for shipping, and shipping will depend on
2 months ago

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Welcome to my shop! I sell a variety of wares that I hope you enjoy! My line of communication is open to anyone at anytime!

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Species: panda-bear
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Species: Folf
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    Payment details Feel free to ask about any item! Even items that aren't listed in my shop. It's possible I will do it, I just haven't drawn one yet!

    Quotes will always be free! If you plan to go through on a commission after a quote, message me your email and I'll create an invoice for you, then I'll get to it!

    Be aware that I work a part time job, Mon-Thurs from 9am-4pm Pacific time zone.
    Once Fall comes around I will have a class as well and I will add that time to the schedule I'll be unavailable.

    Edit: Class on Monday and Wednesday from 7pm-9:15pm.
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