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frillious posted

24/02/2020 22:17

aw shit yeah reality is boring club

Terri Mouse · 24/02/2020 22:22 · 2 Replies

I mean, shit, isn't that why most of us are furries?

frillious · 24/02/2020 22:23


Terri Mouse · 24/02/2020 22:28

... how're you doing the centered heart and the green text?

frillious · 24/02/2020 22:39 · 5 Replies

♡ theres a formatting option when you make posts, it should pop up like this

Terri Mouse · 24/02/2020 22:41

♥ Testing?

frillious · 25/02/2020 06:44

there you go!

Terri Mouse · 25/02/2020 06:51

♥ Hooray! Just not quite sure how you're getting the open heart, seeing as I can only get the filled in one?

frillious · 25/02/2020 06:53

oh i just searched 'heart text symbol' and the open one should come up in the search that u can copy/paste!

Terri Mouse · 25/02/2020 07:08

♡ There we go, thought part of me feels like ♥ works just as well, but it was kinda driving me insane seeing ♡ and not knowing how/where to get that one!

Terri Mouse posted

11/01/2020 09:28
Terri Mouse · 11/01/2020 09:30

Awww, snap, I smell sci-fi!

gibe pl0x

Wildwiredweasel posted

18/05/2018 10:44

A little bit of comedy to get this party rolling.

What's your favorite furry scifi or fantasy lore? Currently digging the Stories: Paths of Destiny game's setting. How about you?


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