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Awoo haz got arts if you haz the coin~ A wide variety of commissions available for purchase, only limited by your imagination. Check my posts to see if I am currently open!

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Single Icon/Headshot for purchase

A coloured and shaded single headshot of your character. Can come in PNG format with either a transparent or coloured background, whichever you prefer.
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Hey guys, I am closing commissions for a short bit while I work through my current batch. On another note, my commission turnaround times will slow down a few notches now that I work so much and I have noticed that I cannot work on art too terribly much anymore because I've only got the weekends off and then I also have to do some RL things. I try to work as much as I can after day job hours so no worries, things are still getting done. Have a wonderful Sunday everybody!

I got word yesterday that my fiancé might become homeless. He has a month to find a place to live before he gets kicked out of the place he is currently staying. Therefore, I have decided to no longer personally cash in on what little money I make off of commissions, but have the money sent to his PayPal address instead. If you are in any way interested in helping out a fellow fur, please consider commissioning me. Thank you.

Hello everybody! Commissions are currently OPEN, I have just one more slot available at this time so if you've seen anything you like, just send me a message or place your order straight through the shop page. Looking forward to working with you!

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Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English

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    When commissions are open, I work on a first come first serve basis.
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