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A small page to keep all my adoptables and creatures nice and tidy :)

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Hello everyone! This little adoptables shop is finally open! :D
Leave your fears and insecurities behind, for I'll make your dreams come true! :P

Here you'll find my most recent commishes, my adoptables batches and so on. Leave your questions, thoughts and everything without fear :)

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    Payment details -Payment must be made within 48 hours of buying the adopt, via Paypal money request or , otherwise it will go back up for sale!
    -Owner can repost as long as they credit.
    -Owner can make any changes they desire as long as they credit me for the initial design!
    -PNG file of each character will be sent to the winner, along with their base color palette. ^^
    -Serious bidders only please.
    -Don't hide or remove your comment if something went wrong, pm me!
    -Be polite to each other, please!
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