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Upcoming update - next shops phase

The next phase of the page shop items is almost complete, with this update it will allow you to add customisations form to your shop items which will allow you to add a wide range of customisations including pricing and examples.


With these changes to shop items it also brings the first part of purchasing, that allows you to see orders for items and your own purchases. As this is a big step towards the final commission process, we would appreciate all the feedback.

Again thank you everyone for your support through this.

Personal note, updates may slow down over the next few months as i'm in the process of purchasing and moving house, so yehhh.

Start to Page Shops and Other Little Bits

Page shops

The first phase of page shops has been completed and is awaiting your use and feedback.
To get started create a page with the type "shop", if you already have a page for your art and would like it converting to a shop please contact Bun Fluffpaws. From your shop page you can manage it and add/edit your shop items. There is a note on the shop manage section about upcoming updates and whats coming for page shops, this note will also be included below. Please try out page shops and give us feedback as we would love to improve this section of the site to expand into all purchasing of items at a later date. Also dont hesitate to let others know about the shops.

Page shop todo:

Basic listing of shop items

Basic searching of shop items

Currency independent listing/searching of shop items

- Customisations of a item that can modify the item price depending on the chosen customisations

- Guided order process through (pendingAcceptance, awaitingPayment, workInProgress, pendingSignoff, finalised) with the following failure states (failedBySeller, failedByCustomer, failedByFuriffic, failedMutually)

- Order queue / eta till new orders can be completed

- Page reviews optionally linked to a order/item and shown on the item

View tracking updated

The view tracking has also had a updated to go along with page shop items. Due to this update Furiffic internally tracks traffic/interactions across all pages and can quickly collect data about this. Because of this view tracking is now available for most user content as a collective total, and pages will soon have these stats listed for the page too.

You may also notice a change in popularity as media items popularity is based off a score of views over the past week and the further away from now each view will count as diminishing returns. Popularity will eventually be updated to take into account a number of other stats.

Other little nibbles

- Global Furiffic stats are available for views, media, journals and characters and can be located here - https://www.furiffic.com/_/statistics
- There may of been a slight internal updated to allow for a higher emoji range which is a step towards stickers, there is currently about 1,200 emojis listed internally but i'm not going to go into how to use them too much as they will be apart of the editor at a later date ([emoji=people=dancers ])

- A load of other little changes have been done, for a full list of changes click here - https://www.furiffic.com/~Furiffic-Update-log.47/posts/209 

lupeyroo · 1 month ago · 5 Replies

How do I make a page again? its not in any obvious places! (that or I'm a silly blind folf)

Bun Fluffpaws · 1 month ago

Looks like you found it ok, but for others that may be looking it can be located under the menu right of the search.
Also your shops looking good, how did you find the process?

lupeyroo · 1 month ago

I think the part where you add content that is acceptable (like fetish other, vore etc.) is a bit fiddly and also some of the categories are irreverent for that section such as abstract, con badge, ref sheet. i think those ones should be separated somehow? also there is a minimum price but no way of offering things for higher i.e 1/2 body would be cheaper than full body. unless you made multiple items for full colour.

Bun Fluffpaws · 1 month ago

Yeh these will be refined over time as this is a first phase out of 4, the next will include customisations that effect the price. The list of upcoming features can be found above under the section "Page shop todo"

lupeyroo · 1 month ago

Aye I read the updates again anf was line yeah, looks like bun has it covered already!

lupeyroo · 1 month ago

Oh! just a thought, is it possible to move the purchase button for shop items to the top of the page? makes it a little easier to find :3

End of 2016 and on to 2017.

Well thats about it for this years, its been a intresting one... haha yeah right. But any way heres the stats for this year.

Stats of 2016

Accounts 8,353

Accounts this year 3,462

Subscriptions 25,785

Average subscriptions per account 3

Posts 4,606

Posts this year 2,158

Messages sent 116,160

Messages sent this year 104,024

Number of accounts sending messages 695

Notifications sent 558,723

Characters created 3,835

Characters created this year 3,349

Punishments 13

Punishments this year 6

Journals published 2,557

Journals published this year 1,224

Pages created 88

Pages created this year 88

Page posts 144

Page posts this year 144

Gallery folders 5,939

Media submission views 352,959

Media submission views this year 233,654

Media published 59,170

Media published this year 34,280

Tags 35,870

Tag links 413,293

Comments posted 20,192

Comments posted this year 13,870

Issues created 1062

Issues resolved 976

Issues remaining 86

Issues created this year 317

Issues resolved this year 283

Downtime per month 45 minutes

Uptime 99.9%

Onwards to 2017

Well theres a few things on the list that will be knocked off during 2017, some of those include, page shops(basic listing), page shops(purchasing), page shops(in site payment handling), stickers, mobile/desktop push notifications, location based search, neural network bunny overlord.

Colliefan · 2 months ago · 4 Replies

This is what a streamline site looks like, every part working like a will oiled machine. The only thing lacking is a friends feature so we can share more private submissions. Furiffic is a pleasure to use and the staff the nicest I've met,  

Bun Fluffpaws · 2 months ago

Hehe thanks, theres still quite a few bits im not happy with but getting there 

Colliefan · 2 months ago

I knew it was too good to last, I've just found my first furiffic troll commenting on a friends art. Anyone know how to report this person?

Bun Fluffpaws · 2 months ago

Thats a shame, best to block them(as i see you have found) and continue with the test of your day

Colliefan · 2 months ago

I have done, it took me a while to find the block button as its not something I've really needed here. I know my friend is having talks with Pyruoo as the person is still causing trouble for her off site.

TangentTheWolfy · 2 months ago · 5 Replies

Fantastic. I love seeing this kinda stuff. Hot damn 2016 looks like the real kickoff for this site c: I think I joined like.... uhhh probably nearly a year ago now after the big Furaffinity problem, and in that year this site has become a fantastic place. c: It's the only place for me♥ This is my furry home and I plan on using it and helping it for years and years to come. Great job guys! ♥

Bun Fluffpaws · 2 months ago

Thats awesome to hear and yeh hopefully we can start increasing userbase for the upcoming features to become more usable ♥

TangentTheWolfy · 2 months ago

Do you have any sneak peeks for some of the stuff to come..? Just really curious c:

Bun Fluffpaws · 2 months ago

Heres a little preview of one of them , i was going to do a coding stream but didnt in the end, might again if theres interest for it but it would probably be boring 

TangentTheWolfy · 2 months ago

D: I was so ready for that stream. Hot damn I like what I see c:

Bun Fluffpaws · 2 months ago

Yehhh sorry about that, im bad when it comes to communication, maybe another day. But anyways yes its coming along well i think, lots more to go though.