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Service termination

After a long think about it and not too much interest in the site since its creation Furiffic will no longer be available from 01/06/2022.

It was a nice experiment of technical learning for me personally,

but socially it never really went anywhere as managing people has never been a strong skill of mine and it took a lot out of me to do the little I was able to.

So from the date listed the site will be turned off,

If you would like to keep your content you should back it up now.

Lupine Furmen · 1 month ago · 1 Reply

So, in the event that this site DOES suddenly go bye bye, does anyone have any viable alternative?

Replic · 1 month ago

It's not suddenly, it's been some time now

K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago · 1 Reply

Replic  So it's June 1st 2022, not January 6th 2022?

Replic · 1 month ago


Lupine Furmen · 1 month ago

I've created a Discord server to give all the displaced furs from here a place to meet back up: https://discord.gg/xat9Smy8VE

Replic · 1 month ago

It says 1-6, which means June 1st indeed.
Not 6-1 (its not the american date)

Arco the wolfdragon · 1 month ago


Arco the wolfdragon · 1 month ago

this make me sad

Arco the wolfdragon · 1 month ago · 1 Reply

Creator please stop we have jobs here and care just hand the site to someone dont shut it down\

K∆I Fennec · 1 month ago

If the site does go down, there's more place you can post your art on and have more traffic than here.

There's Furaffinity, Deviant ART, Weasyl and many more.

Yes it's sad this place is going down, but it's not the end of the world.

Anna of Draffectionates · 3 weeks ago

Guess I'm to be still stuck with FA for my project:

Really liked your characters feature and how formely used tags show up when I upload another piece, so awesomely convenient and user friendly;-;

K∆I Fennec · 2 weeks ago

Might be a bit late with this, but why not partner up with Weasyl?

Hazel · 1 day ago

really sad to see it go, maybe you could've transferred ownerships or something.. :< anywho, if you guys still wanna see me elsewhere, you can find my socials here before the site's gone: https://www.furiffic.com/Hazel/journals/8817 i hope to see yous there! it's a same the site had to end so soon.. :c though i guess it's time to say farewell now. see ya :<

Hazel · 1 day ago


Hazel · 1 day ago

but yea

Sevice status

There was some server issues due to the disk filling up, i only happened to stumble apon randomly this morning, at first it looked like it woulnt of been recovery in the time/energy i had to spare but the last thing i tried surprisingly worked. As for maintaining Furiffic, this is unlikly to continue as over the years i have moved onto other things that have been far better for my personal health. As for this site, things have turned around so im not really worried about the service costs, so it can remain running for as long as it will as there are some people that like it, but unfornatly it didnt catch on enough for the amount of energy it was costing me to run. So i would say make sure your backups of your media are working and up to date incase that day does come that its unrecoverable, and hope everyone a good rest of their time with whatever they do in life

Replic · 10 months ago

I'll be keeping an eye out until the time comes, so if there are questions, let me know and I'll try to answer them :)

Colliefan · 10 months ago · 4 Replies

Why is the best furry site struggling for members?

Replic · 10 months ago

We have no clue, there are some things that need fixing, but there is almost no activity, which make it hard to work on something

Colliefan · 10 months ago

I don't understand it.
Me and a friend of mine love this site, the layout, the friendly people and the message system.
I call this my main site.

Replic · 10 months ago

Thats awesome, its a shame not many others think that, currently we also dont have the time to fix up things, else I wouldve totally looked into it

Colliefan · 10 months ago

A pity as most people don't know what they are missing here.

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 10 months ago · 4 Replies

My account's fixed, yay~

Replic · 10 months ago

Awesome :)

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 10 months ago

Yep. It was fucking up for almost two weeks

Replic · 10 months ago

Well glad it is fixed for now, do keep in mind to just have a backup somewhere else, just to be sure :)

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 9 months ago


Aoi The Dragon · 9 months ago · 3 Replies

YAY!! I'm so glad it's fixed again! So thankful! I was really worried. In the meantime, I'll try to post about Furiffic in other places to hopefully get people's attention and have them check it out! Furiffic really does deserve more love and attention!

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 9 months ago


Replic · 9 months ago

Lets hope we can do that, because once it gets more active, maybe then we can see if it's worth fixing stuff and maybe even upgrade some :)

Aoi The Dragon · 9 months ago

Agreed. :)

RDK · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

I hope the site can continue.

Replic · 9 months ago

Lets see how it goes ^^

shibeari · 9 months ago · 1 Reply

I'm definitely going to try being more active here and encourage others to as well ♥ I really like the site and I hope it can keep going

Replic · 9 months ago

Glad to hear, lets hope it goes!

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 9 months ago

Someone should send SuperSonic43_20 an email that Furiffic is fixed and that he should be more active. Plus, we want more Ankha futa on male art here

V2 on hold

Hey all! as you may have noticed, the current plans of making a V2 is been set on hold due to some behind the scene things.

I can't tell much about it, but lets just say for now, this is what we have.

It's unsure if this will get a future, but for now, just hang on, enjoy it as it is and if there are questions, I'm happy to help you out with them., just leave a comment here below or if you have a personal question, sent me a DM.

I'm limited with certain things, so don't expect huge changes, for now, have a wonderful day :)

Colliefan · 10 months ago · 2 Replies

With changes sometimes less is more.

Replic · 10 months ago

Sometimes that is true :) but there are some bugs on this current version that needs solving and I cannot do that sadly.

Colliefan · 10 months ago

I wasn't saying Furiffic would be as careless as Twitter, Weasyl or Sofurry with a redesign/changes.
Just sometimes sites go crazy with these changes and it really ruins the site when sometimes only the smallest change is needed.

Gem · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

I quite like this site but ummm Im accutely aware that the ' most popular submissions thread all seems to mainly be my artwork and whilst thats humbling, its also kinda embarrassing and maybe also offputting to other artists and might be stopping other people from posting their art?  I dont want to post more art incase i accidentally end up with ALL the most popular submissions slots.  I dont really know how to fix that though.

Replic · 10 months ago

That is just how the system works, when you get the most views, you will be set on the populair row, we had the idea for V2 to make this more random so everyone gets a chance, but since V2 is set on hold, it might not ever happen :/

Emeraldia · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

Furiffic, The Servers are Now Broken.

Replic · 10 months ago

Late reply, but it should be fixed now :)

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 10 months ago

Yes, I cannot see my own art. The messages take a little bit too longer to upload and everything goes to Error 524: A timeout occurred and Error 520: An unknown error occurred. And it's even worse when I try to recover my account, all but one of the validation keys are invalid and the message, An unknown whoops happened while doing that request. The bunnies are mad., happened when you're trying to follow someone that followed you and you accidentally unfollowed. Furiffic needs to be drastically updated.

Mortain · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

either the code is broken, or the servers are shitting the bed. It sucks because this is the best collection I have online. I really don't want to have to port it all elsewhere -again-

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 10 months ago

Yes. I hope this website gets fixed

RDK · 10 months ago · 2 Replies

Having the same type of problems at my end, gallery not showing nor anything else like journals, notes, and such.  Hope update can be done soon and wish the site the best.

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 10 months ago

Yeah. And worse, the messages when loading are slow as fuck. And the submission searches are nonexistent

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 10 months ago

Yeah. And worse, the messages when loading are slow as fuck. And the submission searches are nonexistent

Malachyte · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

Popping in here to say I also cannot view my gallery, and no images whatsoever will load on the main page, browsing pages, etc. I can't click "feedback" either. I tried disabling AdBlock already, so I can rule that out. Any advice?

Replic · 10 months ago

Hey, it should all work again, something went wrong with the servers, but it should be fine now (for now), keep in mind to just have a backup somewhere else too, when this might happen again :)

Malachyte · 10 months ago

Popping in here to say I also cannot view my gallery, and no images whatsoever will load on the main page, browsing pages, etc. I can't click "feedback" either. I tried disabling AdBlock already, so I can rule that out. Any advice?

Lucas Cameron Blakeman · 9 months ago

Hey, guys

Small update

So its been a long long time, and over the years ive had it at the back of my mind of what to do with this site and kind of been putting it off. A long time ago i was thinking about passing it on to someone else but with all the faff that brought up, it demotivated me even more and external mortification is a massive +/- for me. But the main thing that stopped me with that was the domain as i use it for my email. In general ive kinda moved away from all this and moved on with other things in my life and its been so much less stressful than dealing with this site/peoples problems.

I just wanted to put this out there to see what people think, because if it wasnt for people liking and using the site then i would of just turned it off a long time ago. But over the years the monthly cost of around 70 pound has added up and i could be putting that torwards other things in my life, and seeing that each month just reminds me of all this 

Colliefan · 22/02/2021 12:11 · 5 Replies

Please don't switch this site off as its not only the most friendly furry site on the net its my main site too.
Have you thought about advertising or doing other things to offset the cost like SF and FA do?
I'm sure fur cons would pay to advertise on your site as well as fursuit makers, artists and other things people in the fandom buy.

As long as you don't go too far like FA has, forcing people to use ad blockers then you could bring a little money in, maybe more than the upkeep of the site.

Bun Fluffpaws · 27/02/2021 13:21

There is already advertising on the site, but that's part of why I don't want to continue the site, just the amount of energy it took to keep on top of those things was exhausting, Its more of the reminder to do something about the site than anything else 

Colliefan · 27/02/2021 14:06

You could do with some more staff to help you.

Bun Fluffpaws · 04/03/2021 11:09

Thats part of what tired me out so much the last times, like the people are nice but managing them and keeping on top of things is the bit thats draining. I enjoyed making it but the rest of it i just dont feel is worth the stress.

Bun Fluffpaws · 04/03/2021 11:10

Even looking at the stats on this post, its been viewed 6 times, so yes it might be sad for some but i feel like most wouldnt miss out on it being gone

Colliefan · 04/03/2021 12:35

I would be happy to be a mod here, I can't do coding or anything like that but I could help with disputes and maybe take some strain off people who's time could be better used.

gone · 22/03/2021 12:46

Hmm i may be a little late to seeing this but i have a proposition. Maybe you like some sort of contest were the best artist of this site could challenge the artist of other sites like e621 or furaffinity so those who dont know about this site to see we have good art too.

Replic · 12/04/2021 04:17

Like Bun said, the website isn't working out as intended.

Advertising only works well with a much more active website, the costs to keep this up is way more than it gets back.

KittenDenied · 26/04/2021 21:51 · 1 Reply

I actually really like the website, is there anything your members can do to help out? I may be new but I do want to help ;u;

Replic · 02/05/2021 03:17

Sadly no, it would need a big increase in members and activeness to maybe give it a shot.

We tried to work on 2.0 with the intent of users being able to help out, but the thing is that it's taking to long to fix that.

Aoi The Dragon · 10 months ago · 1 Reply

I just joined recently and already love the site. It would be super sad to see it go but I definitely understand your thoughts as well. To be honest, your well being is the number one priority and if this site is being a pain in the rear or it's preventing you from moving on in life, then don't hesitate to shut it down, especially if finances are an issue. I think the majority of people will understand if you make that final decision. Just please know that this site is very well loved and that it was absolutely worth it!! ♥

Replic · 10 months ago

Welcome to furiffic, I'm not sure if Bun will still see this, maybe in the future we could make a stand again and maybe get V2 done, but I haven't had a reply back yet from bun, so who knows...

Second mockup of 2.0

Time for another update, if you haven't seen our Twitter yet, we will be updating that more frequently then we will post announcements here, so give a look at https://twitter.com/Furiffic if you have not done so :)

That said, we got another Mockup for you guys:


The idea of the reworked character page is to give more information about the character using tags, tags will be a big system into the website to discover more content, but also to help you out quicker with submitting art, because, lets say, you submit art that involves your character, the tags that are used for your character will then be added also on the submission.

Explanation about tags will be a later update though, for now this is the first look of the Character Page, some things may still change.

Also, we will have some more information soon regarding supporting the website and giving feedback for it, feedback is important to us and in the future we will have more about that!

Thank you for reading and until the next one!


Nebula · 11 months ago


Twitter and first mockup of 2.0

We have updated our Twitter to keep you more up to date with smaller updates, we also posted the first mockup of Furiffic 2.0 there, with more to come :)


Spread the word, let the others know, we are working on it!

Colliefan · 29/08/2020 18:38 · 3 Replies

I can say already the mis matched sized thumbnails are a pet hate of mine and the main reason I stopped using Weasyl. 
I do hope there's the option to disable that.

You want to be very careful of any changes and the only way to please everyone is to have an option in place to tailor the site to each person. Yiffstar (Sofurry) did a full redesign in late 09 that was a disaster, they made the site in the dark with no users feedback and tested it the same way, they changed everything people liked in favour of newer is better even when it isn't as good as what it replaces.
Knowing the site wasn't ready they pushed on to hit the release date rather than wait or keep the old site up a few more weeks or months until the new site was stable, bad enough to have the site gutted the way it was without it being broken on top of that.
People hated Sofurry and rather than take it down they pressed on for years making people leave and turning the site into a warzone until they scrapped it and made a new a site to replace the new site.
Please don't make those mistakes as 11 nearly 12 years later Sofurry has never fully recovered.

Replic · 29/08/2020 18:49

Answered this on my journal :)

Colliefan · 29/08/2020 18:53

Sorry for the repost, I just want to make sure it gets seen.

Replic · 29/08/2020 18:54

No worries :) I try my best to see everything

Flare_the_wolf · 04/02/2021 14:17 · 1 Reply

hi im new here lol

Replic · 10 months ago

Sorry for the very late reply, but welcome! :p

Furiffic 2.0 and what is to come

Great news, Furiffic is back and some change is coming, Keep a eye out at the future announcements where we will show off Furiffic 2.0!

More information available at https://www.furiffic.com/ReplicTuaniOne/journals/7727

Colliefan · 23/08/2020 13:17

As I said on the journal.

I love this site.

I hope the changes and improvements are done right, too many sites (SF for example) go for a radical redesign thinking any change is good but they change the very thing people like about the site ruining it and forcing people to leave (That's how I come to find Furiffic in the first place).

I lost. posted

14/09/2018 23:17

If anyone has any issues with other users, or have a post to report due to rule breaking content, feel free to PM me (Pyruoo)  for a faster response time to the problem. 

I'm here to help. 

Leilani Perierre · 23/01/2020 16:55

Is the Importer working or no...? *^^*

Looking for someone to take over.

If you are interested in taking over this site in full then email Bun@furiffic.com. This is due to lack of interest/motivation to continue and I may not be around one day so it might as well go to someone that Is wanting to take over running and hosting the site.

I lost. · 05/04/2018 23:39 · 1 Reply

I got this. Over 2 years working hard for furiffic. I'll proudly handle it from here. 

zrcalo · 27/05/2018 23:50

pretty certain most smaller art sites have no problem, unless someone files a DMCA. I highly doubt this site has enough staff to check credentials on each audio piece uploaded.
that being said, I would link to the original source file in the description so people wouldnt be led astray.

Colliefan · 06/04/2018 06:12 · 2 Replies

I'm a little worried as the site was perfect under your watch. Inkbunny was a decent site site until Starling stood down and that joke GreenReaper took over, now the site is poorly managed and really pervert central with all the under age stuff.

I lost. · 06/04/2018 09:51

It'll remain the same experience you've come to enjoy under my watch. Don't worry about it. I'm trying hard to secure it so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Colliefan · 06/04/2018 10:45

GreenReaper made the same promise about Inkbunny and we all know how that went as well Dragoneer when he took over furaffinity, neither admin kept that promise and pretty much ran the sites into the ground, too busy lording it over others or letting friends/popular furs get away with murder. A good admin is fair, puts others first and does what's best for the site even at his or her own expense. I would be very careful as this is one of the last fair ran fur sites and screwing that up would not only drive people away but make you hated.

Majy · 18/04/2018 20:13

I hope some one capable takes it. I really don't want to see this site go down. I'd offer but I don't have the resources or the know how tbh.

zrcalo · 16/05/2018 09:41

How much do you want for the site? I have unlimited hosting and pretty sure enough bandwidth to run it. Curious if you're looking for someone to purchase/run it, or to just run it as-is. 
I have admin/mod/artist experience on websites dating back to 2010 and I run two healthy discord servers. you may google me for my contact info, or telegram me @zrcalo. my email is zrcalos@gmail.com

Leilani Perierre · 24/05/2018 14:14 · 2 Replies

I just got here! Don't you dare shut this place down. *^^* I really love the format, style, and "feel" of the site very much. ♥

zrcalo · 25/05/2018 07:59

a good friend of mine loves this site too. Neither of us want to see anything happen to it.

Replic · 23/08/2020 14:35

It's a bit late, but we are working on it! just keep an eye out at the new Announcements :)

Kai Bannon · 02/07/2018 22:52

I really love using this website and I know how to make it even better.

z · 02/09/2018 05:04

I wonder if there's a position open for the moderation team here...

Acceleration · 25/02/2019 05:11

I'll take a fancy, I know plenty.

Lawliet · 19/05/2020 17:46 · 1 Reply

Is there a new owner? Is the site gonna shut down soon?? I just started using this site not too long ago and I think it's really cool..

Replic · 23/08/2020 14:21

Hi, sorry for the late reply!

We are currently working on a V2 which will be smoother, faster and better! we also will keep the current owner and have some extra peeps helping out with the 2.0

Furiffic Banner / Referral Contest 2!

Want the opportunity to be part of the next Furiffic banner?
Check out the second official Furiffic banner competition!


Quick tidy up update + Location stuff

Over the past few months we have been tidying off some internals and general maintenance so theres not too much for you to see, but one new feature you can play about with it the map. You can find it here - map, Your marker settings can also be found in the new map tab in your preferences, or by clicking the Furiffic settings button on the map.

For a full list of changes click here - https://www.furiffic.com/~Furiffic-Update-log.47/posts/274

Colliefan · 30/08/2017 20:15 · 1 Reply

The Map is the best feature I've seen here so far.

Bun Fluffpaws · 30/08/2017 20:20

Thats good to hear 

Kaiser · 30/08/2017 20:24 · 2 Replies

So the 'dots' are users? I actually have someone on this site in my town? Cool!

Bun Fluffpaws · 30/08/2017 20:28

Yes as you zoom in you can see them as individuals, by default people are listed as anonymous, you can click on them to send a message request, but if there is only 1 entry in your town the chances are that its you. Come to think of it i should change it to show yourself clearly to avoid confusion, thanks 

Kaiser · 30/08/2017 20:30

Oh no there's two dots. I knew which one was me.

But yes making the person's dot different than others would be good.

I lost. · 30/08/2017 20:42

There's no dot where I live. Excellent. 

Bun Fluffpaws · 30/08/2017 22:29

Slight update to fix message requests 

Ancient Wolf · 03/03/2018 15:23

The map shows my location north of a town 30+ miles away from the one I'm actually living in. I tried moving the pointer, but it insists on starting me in the wrong place. It claims to base my location on my IP address--I'm a retired Computer Engineer and IT professional, and I can assure you that my IP address does NOT originate where your map says it does.

User Submitted Stickers are Here! 

Bun Fluffpaws · 03/08/2017 06:28

Tea · 03/08/2017 07:57

I lost. · 05/08/2017 03:35

What do you want to see next?

As a quick update user stickers are almost complete and should be released in the next few days.

But as for this post, what would you like to see next?

 - Push notifications.

 - Update to the migration too to include exporting to other sites (so you can use furiffic to upload to other sites) [1]

 - Next phase of page shop updates [4]

 - Friending/Friends only visibility [3]

 - Cake? (Other suggestions)

Colliefan · 18/07/2017 19:54 · 2 Replies

A friends only feature for content, so I can upload more private stuff I only want friends/staff seeing.

Bun Fluffpaws · 18/07/2017 20:02

Added it to the list

Colliefan · 18/07/2017 20:49


thatBADfolf · 18/07/2017 20:21 · 1 Reply

Friend option, so I can add my brother as a friend.

thatBADfolf · 19/07/2017 21:26

And more sites to add to the submission importer, such as Weasyl.

Diamond Faith · 18/07/2017 20:57

I agree with CollieFan a friends only feature would be awesome*

lupeyroo · 19/07/2017 00:06

I'd love cake... But seriously, the page shops still need quite a bit of work to make them more user friendly :3 so I look forward to any updates/improvements you has planned!!

Tea · 20/07/2017 11:26

Shops! Shops! Shops!

Majy · 20/07/2017 23:55 · 2 Replies

I'd love to see updates to the uploader. I can never get it to find any thing on my DA profile for some strange reason.

thatBADfolf · 21/07/2017 15:32


Bun Fluffpaws · 23/07/2017 16:31

This issue has now been resolved on the dev site and will be live with the next update, its due to DA gallery being updated, If it breaks again, please submit feedback as we are unaware of when a external site's update will break the importer.

Meats · 01/08/2017 07:47

Deff would love to see a shop update (since im not even really sure what I'm doing with it) and would also love to see that exporter tool

Stickers / Uploader redesign / Better scheduling

With this update  there is now stickers  which will lead towards user submitted stickers and slight integration with page shops.

Along with those fancy sticks the uploader/publishing page has had a redesign  this was done to make it easier to upload large number of submission and to easier edit multiple items at once, and with this redesign it makes it easier to publish/schedule publish any items you choose rather than all or nothing.

For a full list of changes click here - https://www.furiffic.com/~Furiffic-Update-log.47/posts/249

thatBADfolf · 13/06/2017 19:45 · 1 Reply

OOoh! I saw it yesterday! 

Morisith · 13/06/2017 21:14

It's going to be great

And slightly spammy if I know myself right! 

Not a dancing zebra but at least its useful

With this update it brings the next phase to page shops, and with this it allows sellers and purchasers to take advantage of the purchase customisations to give a better purchasing experience. With this it also allows purchasers and sellers to keep track of orders they are involved in.

If you have any feedback on this be sure to hit that Feedback button and let us know. As for now here is a updated list of page shop items todo list.

Page shop todo:

Basic listing of shop items

Basic searching of shop items

Currency independent listing/searching of shop items

- Customisations of a item that can modify the item price depending on the chosen customisations

- Guided order process through (pendingAcceptance, awaitingPayment, workInProgress, pendingSignoff, finalised) with the following failure states (failedBySeller, failedByCustomer, failedByFuriffic, failedMutually)

- Order queue / eta till new orders can be completed

- Page reviews optionally linked to a order/item and shown on the item


lupeyroo · 01/04/2017 16:22

Exciting! Can't wait to customize me shop!!

Morisith · 02/04/2017 20:31

well - at least we are aware of the dancing Zebras now. We should try to implement them to the site. 

thatBADfolf · 20/05/2017 21:46

YAY! Dancing zebras are... rare 

Colliefan · 11/06/2017 15:20 · 4 Replies

My private messages aren't loading up.

Bun Fluffpaws · 11/06/2017 16:12

Are they showing up now, you messaged 50 mins ago and the fix for this went up 48 mins, so just want to check to see if this is still a issue

Colliefan · 11/06/2017 16:24

Working fine again. What happened?

Bun Fluffpaws · 11/06/2017 16:45

Just a mistake during a recent update 

Colliefan · 11/06/2017 17:13

Mistakes happen. Thanks for fixing it.

Upcoming update - next shops phase

The next phase of the page shop items is almost complete, with this update it will allow you to add customisations form to your shop items which will allow you to add a wide range of customisations including pricing and examples.


With these changes to shop items it also brings the first part of purchasing, that allows you to see orders for items and your own purchases. As this is a big step towards the final commission process, we would appreciate all the feedback.

Again thank you everyone for your support through this.

Personal note, updates may slow down over the next few months as i'm in the process of purchasing and moving house, so yehhh.

Start to Page Shops and Other Little Bits

Page shops

The first phase of page shops has been completed and is awaiting your use and feedback.
To get started create a page with the type "shop", if you already have a page for your art and would like it converting to a shop please contact Bun Fluffpaws. From your shop page you can manage it and add/edit your shop items. There is a note on the shop manage section about upcoming updates and whats coming for page shops, this note will also be included below. Please try out page shops and give us feedback as we would love to improve this section of the site to expand into all purchasing of items at a later date. Also dont hesitate to let others know about the shops.

Page shop todo:

Basic listing of shop items

Basic searching of shop items

Currency independent listing/searching of shop items

- Customisations of a item that can modify the item price depending on the chosen customisations

- Guided order process through (pendingAcceptance, awaitingPayment, workInProgress, pendingSignoff, finalised) with the following failure states (failedBySeller, failedByCustomer, failedByFuriffic, failedMutually)

- Order queue / eta till new orders can be completed

- Page reviews optionally linked to a order/item and shown on the item

View tracking updated

The view tracking has also had a updated to go along with page shop items. Due to this update Furiffic internally tracks traffic/interactions across all pages and can quickly collect data about this. Because of this view tracking is now available for most user content as a collective total, and pages will soon have these stats listed for the page too.

You may also notice a change in popularity as media items popularity is based off a score of views over the past week and the further away from now each view will count as diminishing returns. Popularity will eventually be updated to take into account a number of other stats.

Other little nibbles

- Global Furiffic stats are available for views, media, journals and characters and can be located here - https://www.furiffic.com/_/statistics
- There may of been a slight internal updated to allow for a higher emoji range which is a step towards stickers, there is currently about 1,200 emojis listed internally but i'm not going to go into how to use them too much as they will be apart of the editor at a later date ([emoji=people=dancers ])

- A load of other little changes have been done, for a full list of changes click here - https://www.furiffic.com/~Furiffic-Update-log.47/posts/209 

lupeyroo · 28/01/2017 23:01 · 5 Replies

How do I make a page again? its not in any obvious places! (that or I'm a silly blind folf)

Bun Fluffpaws · 29/01/2017 12:18

Looks like you found it ok, but for others that may be looking it can be located under the menu right of the search.
Also your shops looking good, how did you find the process?

lupeyroo · 29/01/2017 12:34

I think the part where you add content that is acceptable (like fetish other, vore etc.) is a bit fiddly and also some of the categories are irreverent for that section such as abstract, con badge, ref sheet. i think those ones should be separated somehow? also there is a minimum price but no way of offering things for higher i.e 1/2 body would be cheaper than full body. unless you made multiple items for full colour.

Bun Fluffpaws · 30/01/2017 11:53

Yeh these will be refined over time as this is a first phase out of 4, the next will include customisations that effect the price. The list of upcoming features can be found above under the section "Page shop todo"

lupeyroo · 30/01/2017 12:09

Aye I read the updates again anf was line yeah, looks like bun has it covered already!

lupeyroo · 31/01/2017 13:33

Oh! just a thought, is it possible to move the purchase button for shop items to the top of the page? makes it a little easier to find :3

End of 2016 and on to 2017.

Well thats about it for this years, its been a intresting one... haha yeah right. But any way heres the stats for this year.

Stats of 2016

Accounts 8,353

Accounts this year 3,462

Subscriptions 25,785

Average subscriptions per account 3

Posts 4,606

Posts this year 2,158

Messages sent 116,160

Messages sent this year 104,024

Number of accounts sending messages 695

Notifications sent 558,723

Characters created 3,835

Characters created this year 3,349

Punishments 13

Punishments this year 6

Journals published 2,557

Journals published this year 1,224

Pages created 88

Pages created this year 88

Page posts 144

Page posts this year 144

Gallery folders 5,939

Media submission views 352,959

Media submission views this year 233,654

Media published 59,170

Media published this year 34,280

Tags 35,870

Tag links 413,293

Comments posted 20,192

Comments posted this year 13,870

Issues created 1062

Issues resolved 976

Issues remaining 86

Issues created this year 317

Issues resolved this year 283

Downtime per month 45 minutes

Uptime 99.9%

Onwards to 2017

Well theres a few things on the list that will be knocked off during 2017, some of those include, page shops(basic listing), page shops(purchasing), page shops(in site payment handling), stickers, mobile/desktop push notifications, location based search, neural network bunny overlord.

Colliefan · 05/01/2017 11:50 · 4 Replies

This is what a streamline site looks like, every part working like a will oiled machine. The only thing lacking is a friends feature so we can share more private submissions. Furiffic is a pleasure to use and the staff the nicest I've met,  

Bun Fluffpaws · 06/01/2017 11:22

Hehe thanks, theres still quite a few bits im not happy with but getting there 

Colliefan · 06/01/2017 14:09

I knew it was too good to last, I've just found my first furiffic troll commenting on a friends art. Anyone know how to report this person?

Bun Fluffpaws · 08/01/2017 13:52

Thats a shame, best to block them(as i see you have found) and continue with the test of your day

Colliefan · 08/01/2017 13:57

I have done, it took me a while to find the block button as its not something I've really needed here. I know my friend is having talks with Pyruoo as the person is still causing trouble for her off site.

Bran · 06/01/2017 09:48 · 5 Replies

Fantastic. I love seeing this kinda stuff. Hot damn 2016 looks like the real kickoff for this site c: I think I joined like.... uhhh probably nearly a year ago now after the big Furaffinity problem, and in that year this site has become a fantastic place. c: It's the only place for me♥ This is my furry home and I plan on using it and helping it for years and years to come. Great job guys! ♥

Bun Fluffpaws · 06/01/2017 11:24

Thats awesome to hear and yeh hopefully we can start increasing userbase for the upcoming features to become more usable ♥

Bran · 06/01/2017 14:02

Do you have any sneak peeks for some of the stuff to come..? Just really curious c:

Bun Fluffpaws · 08/01/2017 13:49

Heres a little preview of one of them , i was going to do a coding stream but didnt in the end, might again if theres interest for it but it would probably be boring 

Bran · 08/01/2017 17:25

D: I was so ready for that stream. Hot damn I like what I see c:

Bun Fluffpaws · 08/01/2017 17:48

Yehhh sorry about that, im bad when it comes to communication, maybe another day. But anyways yes its coming along well i think, lots more to go though.

Good news everyone!

I have successfully made a Discord Chat for the whole site to enjoy! 

*Everyone is welcome! All ages, all species, even if you're an alien from Jupiter.

*Roleplaying rooms complete with NSFW and SFW!

*Adult Sections for the more mature members of the site.

*A main room for everyfur to enjoy each others company!

Discord Can be downloaded and used on your computer desktop much like skype. It can also be used on Mobile, so nofur has to be left out!

I'm predicting lots of fun, lots of roleplay, and lots of friends to be made. You can find the link to the site down below. Just remember to follow the rules!




Colliefan · 23/12/2016 23:25 · 1 Reply

Nice touch.

I lost. · 23/12/2016 23:28

I hope so :3

New advertising system with free 3 months.

Well the time has come and we have had the chance to create the custom advertising system. Because of this we would like to offer 3 months free advertising to anyone that is interested as a thanks for helping us test it. During the testing period we might adjust a few things like ad placements and iron out any issues advertisers could have with the system.

So feel free to let your friends know and drop us any feedback you may have on this.

You can find the advertising system at the bottom of every page or by clicking here - https://www.furiffic.com/_/advertise

lupeyroo · 05/12/2016 21:30 · 1 Reply

I'm very interested in advertising. I'm just terrible at designing ads XD

Bun Fluffpaws · 06/12/2016 18:31

Thats good and feel free to experiment with it and see how it comes out for you, cant be as bad as me at replying to people... 

Perdibirdie · 07/12/2016 19:41 · 1 Reply

I'd certainly like to try it :3c

Bun Fluffpaws · 08/12/2016 16:26

Its available for anyone to use, just click the link above to get started. And if you experience any issues let us know so we can iron them out.

JeanQuinn · 15/12/2016 20:55 · 2 Replies

I just tried it out, went to hit start and it said I already have one. I'm not sure how since I've never had it before lol

Bun Fluffpaws · 15/12/2016 21:36

Ah okay, ill look into it shortly and get back to you tomorrow as im about to head off for the day now.

JeanQuinn · 15/12/2016 21:46

No rush! Just letting you know c:

JBCblank · 16/12/2016 08:35

I will be helping you guys with this 8D

JBCblank · 16/12/2016 08:43

Ok so I am trying it right now and I  filled in everything and even uploaded an image and when I clicked save, the image... disappeared from the preview. 
I uploaded it again and it disappeared again.

Instead I clicked start and I am sitting at the Loading Interatio... window. I'll let you know if it get's any further. if there is no response from me. I am still waiting.

JBCblank · 16/12/2016 21:06 · 3 Replies

I ended up forgetting that I was waiting and turning off my PC. :T

Bun Fluffpaws · 16/12/2016 21:20

No worries, im going to be looking into this soon as its probably a browser thing or permissions that ive forgotten somewhere since i was able to publish someone elses earlier, but thanks non the less for helping iron out these issues

JBCblank · 16/12/2016 21:30

I am using Google Chrome if that helps.

Bun Fluffpaws · 16/12/2016 21:49

Turns out it was a permission related thing that was hiding the issue, but it shouldnt of stopped it from loading, possibly adblock of some kind? im going to sort this out and release a update sometime tomorrow 

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 19/12/2016 02:37 · 1 Reply

I done my advertisement. However, it contain mature and adult content on the advertisement. I hope the advert content rating should be working? Also, sorry for it being in a crap quality. That was the first time trying creating a advertisement.

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 19/12/2016 02:39

Can I do two more for free? I mean I have the same advertisement but it's in mature content advertisement and tame content advertisement?

Furiffic's dealers den

Hello all, just a quick update. You may have noticed a few days ago we released the Tools section to the site which we are placing some nice little additions for content creators and consumers.

Creative ideas

The first was Creative ideas, using this tool it will output random tags, colours and other field information that we have stored that can be used to help you when your stuck for what to draw or maybe a new character/theme.

Dealers den

The second that we are releasing today is the Furiffic's dealers den, using this tool you can quickly find/share information about commissions, auctions, freebies, and much more.

We crave feedback

We would love for you to try out these tools and share with your friends/followers and give us feedback.

You can browse the current tools we have available for you here.

Cupcake and Buttcake are alive

The upgrade of the servers are complete, and so far nothing has gone wrong. So as it stands, Cupcake and Buttcake are up and running, and yes these are the names of the new servers, Cupcake is the main web head, and Buttcake is the build server thats in control for deploying updates and running the issue tracker.

You may of also noticed a few other changes around the site for instance the size/spacing of general UI components, Deviantart as been added to the gallery importer, and lastly new emojis have been added with the support for later emoji packs by other members but those packs will have to wait till page shops. 

For a full list of changes click here.

Whats up next?

Over the next few versions there will be the following issues addressed.

Call to actions - This is the first step forwards (media/character/journal/page/artist discovery, helpful actions, and promoted items)

Redesign of media viewing

Few security enhancements
Adding Inkbunny and Weasly to the importer

Splitting mature and adult ratings into separate sections

Colliefan · 10/09/2016 16:34 · 2 Replies

Nice, this site is always getting better. Its no wonder I like it best over all the other furry sites.

Bun Fluffpaws · 10/09/2016 17:11

Thats good to hear, i hope everyone likes the UI updates and those to come, have you seen the changes to messages? 

Colliefan · 10/09/2016 19:52

I'm sure they will and I'm still buzzing around the site.

New servers and bits...

Hello all, its been quite a while since the last update but with this delay there has been quite a few internal things changing most importantly this is a step forwards a cluster setup for the site, in the simplest of terms this means if there is any server issues it is unlikely to effect anything, so if for some reason a drive dies it wouldn't break the site.
With these new servers everything on them has been upgraded to the latest versions of our core services which brings quite a few speed improvements.

Server names:

Cupcake - which is the main server that runs the site. (this one we can duplicate for more performance as we grow)
Buttcake - which is the build/issue tracker server. 

New bits

Call to actions - This is the first step forwards (media/character/journal/page/artist discovery, helpful actions, and promoted items)
Slight redesign of the site - A start forwards a nicer feel of the ui.
Added deviantart support to gallery importer.

New staff members

Hello Everyone, due to our expanding number of members, we have added 3 new staff members, Morisith, Pyruoo, and DuelCarnival.
That brings us to a total of 6. Between our new staff members, we are now able to dedicate towards our Facebook and Twitter accounts to help increase interest in Furiffic, which in turn helps out Furiffic as a service in general for our members.

There has also been a few small changes.
 - Gallery importer has had some improvements to make the verification clearer.

 - The forum has now been removed in favor of Furiffic Pages.

 - Announcements have been moved to its own Furiffic page -- here :D

 - The Navigation context(hamburger menu) has had a tidy up to make it clearer to find sections of the site you want to find.

 - We are trying out a leaflet to be handed out at a local meet https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By8PCPF1FaBISXVMVkgtS2Q0cjg/view?usp=sharing - You are free to print out / share among people you know, or at meets/conventions as this is a quick and snappy way to give someone a overview of Furiffic. (Professional mass printing is available if you would like to distribute at a convention near you, contact Bun Fluffpaws if you're interested.)

As for updates, more should be coming soon as I am able to solely focus on bugs/improvements/new features.

Note: This won't be too highly focused for the next 2 weeks as I(Bun) have moved house and waiting for internet to be activated.

Colliefan · 09/06/2016 21:15

Nice tasteful changes. Some sites just go overboard and it does more harm than good.

lupeyroo · 10/06/2016 22:15 · 4 Replies

I'm totally interested in promoting this site for you bun!! it need more peeps here :£

Bun Fluffpaws · 11/06/2016 08:23

Awesome, are you going to any different cons/meets? Because i could get leaflets printed off since they are not that expensive. 

lupeyroo · 11/06/2016 10:05

I usually hit Birmingham, Manchester and occasionally London :)

Bun Fluffpaws · 11/06/2016 13:51

Oh cool, i had a quick look(on mobile internet for next week) would you say around 300 ish attendees across all them? I could get 500 printed off and delivered to your address, then you could take a handful each time to give to people.
Hows that sound?

lupeyroo · 11/06/2016 13:56

Sounds cool :3

Astraeus · 11/06/2016 23:16 · 1 Reply

I can also help promote the site! Sadly, I do not go to any sort of cons or anything! I highly prefer this place over all the others I have been on at this point ♥

Bun Fluffpaws · 12/06/2016 06:42

Always good to hear, and even if you dont go anywhere physically you can always share this on fb pages/groups, twitter etc. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By8PCPF1FaBISXVMVkgtS2Q0cjg/view?usp=sharing as it gives a nice quick overview of what to expect. 

Toxi · 12/06/2016 06:36 · 1 Reply

You guys are doing an awesome job here :) Super impressed with the usability of the site. Now all we need here are more peeps!

Bun Fluffpaws · 12/06/2016 06:53

Thank you so much *hugs* 

Toxi · 12/06/2016 06:40 · 2 Replies

Oh also I attend a meet every Tuesday evening located in Brisbane Australia. We have an attendance there that can be anywhere between 30 and 130 peeps each week (really depending on whats going on) (the group on facebook has over 500 members) I also attend a monthly furry bowling meet which always has at least 15-25 people in attendance. If you wanna organize some flyers to down under I can help out as well :)

Bun Fluffpaws · 12/06/2016 06:53

Oh awesome, yeh that could work out well. Ive not delivered over sea's yet, so if you could PM me a delivery name(first and last), address and contact number(used incase theres any issues delivering). Then i can look into how much it would be to deliver. And if i get 200 printed for you that should cover it since im guessing quite a lot of the time theres 80% of the same people attending?
As for the Facebook group, you could always post https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By8PCPF1FaBISXVMVkgtS2Q0cjg/view?usp=sharing as thats quite a far reach already. 

Toxi · 12/06/2016 07:30

Oh cool! I'll ask the admins of the fb group if they will be cool with me sharing it :)