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Not a dancing zebra but at least its useful

With this update it brings the next phase to page shops, and with this it allows sellers and purchasers to take advantage of the purchase customisations to give a better purchasing experience. With this it also allows purchasers and sellers to keep track of orders they are involved in.

If you have any feedback on this be sure to hit that Feedback button and let us know. As for now here is a updated list of page shop items todo list.

Page shop todo:

Basic listing of shop items

Basic searching of shop items

Currency independent listing/searching of shop items

- Customisations of a item that can modify the item price depending on the chosen customisations

- Guided order process through (pendingAcceptance, awaitingPayment, workInProgress, pendingSignoff, finalised) with the following failure states (failedBySeller, failedByCustomer, failedByFuriffic, failedMutually)

- Order queue / eta till new orders can be completed

- Page reviews optionally linked to a order/item and shown on the item


lupeyroo · 01/04/2017 16:22

Exciting! Can't wait to customize me shop!!

Morisith · 02/04/2017 20:31

well - at least we are aware of the dancing Zebras now. We should try to implement them to the site. 

thatBADfolf · 20/05/2017 21:46

YAY! Dancing zebras are... rare 

Colliefan · 11 months ago · 4 Replies

My private messages aren't loading up.

Bun Fluffpaws · 11 months ago

Are they showing up now, you messaged 50 mins ago and the fix for this went up 48 mins, so just want to check to see if this is still a issue

Colliefan · 11 months ago

Working fine again. What happened?

Bun Fluffpaws · 11 months ago

Just a mistake during a recent update 

Colliefan · 11 months ago

Mistakes happen. Thanks for fixing it.