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Looking for someone to take over.

If you are interested in taking over this site in full then email Bun@furiffic.com. This is due to lack of interest/motivation to continue and I may not be around one day so it might as well go to someone that Is wanting to take over running and hosting the site.

Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago

I got this. Over 2 years working hard for furiffic. I'll proudly handle it from here. 

Colliefan · 2 weeks ago · 2 Replies

I'm a little worried as the site was perfect under your watch. Inkbunny was a decent site site until Starling stood down and that joke GreenReaper took over, now the site is poorly managed and really pervert central with all the under age stuff.

Pyruoo · 2 weeks ago

It'll remain the same experience you've come to enjoy under my watch. Don't worry about it. I'm trying hard to secure it so it doesn't fall into the wrong hands.

Colliefan · 2 weeks ago

GreenReaper made the same promise about Inkbunny and we all know how that went as well Dragoneer when he took over furaffinity, neither admin kept that promise and pretty much ran the sites into the ground, too busy lording it over others or letting friends/popular furs get away with murder. A good admin is fair, puts others first and does what's best for the site even at his or her own expense. I would be very careful as this is one of the last fair ran fur sites and screwing that up would not only drive people away but make you hated.

Majy · 1 day ago

I hope some one capable takes it. I really don't want to see this site go down. I'd offer but I don't have the resources or the know how tbh.