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Twitter and first mockup of 2.0

We have updated our Twitter to keep you more up to date with smaller updates, we also posted the first mockup of Furiffic 2.0 there, with more to come :)


Spread the word, let the others know, we are working on it!

Colliefan · 7 months ago · 3 Replies

I can say already the mis matched sized thumbnails are a pet hate of mine and the main reason I stopped using Weasyl. 
I do hope there's the option to disable that.

You want to be very careful of any changes and the only way to please everyone is to have an option in place to tailor the site to each person. Yiffstar (Sofurry) did a full redesign in late 09 that was a disaster, they made the site in the dark with no users feedback and tested it the same way, they changed everything people liked in favour of newer is better even when it isn't as good as what it replaces.
Knowing the site wasn't ready they pushed on to hit the release date rather than wait or keep the old site up a few more weeks or months until the new site was stable, bad enough to have the site gutted the way it was without it being broken on top of that.
People hated Sofurry and rather than take it down they pressed on for years making people leave and turning the site into a warzone until they scrapped it and made a new a site to replace the new site.
Please don't make those mistakes as 11 nearly 12 years later Sofurry has never fully recovered.

Replic · 7 months ago

Answered this on my journal :)

Colliefan · 7 months ago

Sorry for the repost, I just want to make sure it gets seen.

Replic · 7 months ago

No worries :) I try my best to see everything

Flare_the_wolf · 2 months ago

hi im new here lol