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Small update

So its been a long long time, and over the years ive had it at the back of my mind of what to do with this site and kind of been putting it off. A long time ago i was thinking about passing it on to someone else but with all the faff that brought up, it demotivated me even more and external mortification is a massive +/- for me. But the main thing that stopped me with that was the domain as i use it for my email. In general ive kinda moved away from all this and moved on with other things in my life and its been so much less stressful than dealing with this site/peoples problems.

I just wanted to put this out there to see what people think, because if it wasnt for people liking and using the site then i would of just turned it off a long time ago. But over the years the monthly cost of around 70 pound has added up and i could be putting that torwards other things in my life, and seeing that each month just reminds me of all this 

Colliefan · 5 months ago · 5 Replies

Please don't switch this site off as its not only the most friendly furry site on the net its my main site too.
Have you thought about advertising or doing other things to offset the cost like SF and FA do?
I'm sure fur cons would pay to advertise on your site as well as fursuit makers, artists and other things people in the fandom buy.

As long as you don't go too far like FA has, forcing people to use ad blockers then you could bring a little money in, maybe more than the upkeep of the site.

Bun Fluffpaws · 4 months ago

There is already advertising on the site, but that's part of why I don't want to continue the site, just the amount of energy it took to keep on top of those things was exhausting, Its more of the reminder to do something about the site than anything else 

Colliefan · 4 months ago

You could do with some more staff to help you.

Bun Fluffpaws · 4 months ago

Thats part of what tired me out so much the last times, like the people are nice but managing them and keeping on top of things is the bit thats draining. I enjoyed making it but the rest of it i just dont feel is worth the stress.

Bun Fluffpaws · 4 months ago

Even looking at the stats on this post, its been viewed 6 times, so yes it might be sad for some but i feel like most wouldnt miss out on it being gone

Colliefan · 4 months ago

I would be happy to be a mod here, I can't do coding or anything like that but I could help with disputes and maybe take some strain off people who's time could be better used.

gone · 4 months ago

Hmm i may be a little late to seeing this but i have a proposition. Maybe you like some sort of contest were the best artist of this site could challenge the artist of other sites like e621 or furaffinity so those who dont know about this site to see we have good art too.

Replic · 3 months ago

Like Bun said, the website isn't working out as intended.

Advertising only works well with a much more active website, the costs to keep this up is way more than it gets back.

KittenDenied · 3 months ago · 1 Reply

I actually really like the website, is there anything your members can do to help out? I may be new but I do want to help ;u;

Replic · 2 months ago

Sadly no, it would need a big increase in members and activeness to maybe give it a shot.

We tried to work on 2.0 with the intent of users being able to help out, but the thing is that it's taking to long to fix that.

Aoi The Dragon · 2 weeks ago · 1 Reply

I just joined recently and already love the site. It would be super sad to see it go but I definitely understand your thoughts as well. To be honest, your well being is the number one priority and if this site is being a pain in the rear or it's preventing you from moving on in life, then don't hesitate to shut it down, especially if finances are an issue. I think the majority of people will understand if you make that final decision. Just please know that this site is very well loved and that it was absolutely worth it!! ♥

Replic · 2 weeks ago

Welcome to furiffic, I'm not sure if Bun will still see this, maybe in the future we could make a stand again and maybe get V2 done, but I haven't had a reply back yet from bun, so who knows...