Furiffic - Update log
Well its a change log


[FUR-978] - page post and page manage notifications not included in account defaults

[FUR-999] - 1px height overflow issue on contextual search
[FUR-1001] - No spacing between large icon items in contextual search navigation on safari
[FUR-1005] - Unable to search for account pages
[FUR-1006] - Mature and adult page listings on pages search provider
[FUR-1007] - contextual search results - pages render shows members label rather than tooltip

New Feature

[FUR-1004] - Add knowledge base for reference to help documents


[FUR-977] - Allow staff members to override people disabling messages
[FUR-979] - Allow staff members to change another users email address without their password
[FUR-995] - Server cluster setup and move
[FUR-996] - Larger/spaced out styling of the site and general cleaning up of the ui


[FUR-984] - PSN Profile Link (By skunktronix)
[FUR-986] - Update sessionId in url when switching message sessions
[FUR-988] - Add deviantart to gallery importer
[FUR-989] - Performance issue opening contextual search
[FUR-992] - Updated to svg emojis and support for later packs
[FUR-993] - Added support for large emojis in user content when the emoji is the whole content
[FUR-994] - The Emoji's won't work unless there is supporting text. (By Pyruoo)
[FUR-997] - Move number of replies in comments inline with the primary comment
[FUR-998] - Outdent tinymce when single item in a contentBlock
[FUR-1000] - Use of a shorter key-index for tracking search position in media items
[FUR-1002] - Pages don't show up. (By catgraffiti)
[FUR-1003] - Moved pages from forum to new knowledge base and remove references to forum