Furiffic - Update log
Well its a change log


[FUR-1115] - Broken auto focus on none auto focus editors
[FUR-1116] - Direct styling around emojis to allow large emoji to be detected
[FUR-1117] - Client error when miss clicking for selecting emojis caused use of undefined
[FUR-1121] - unable to reload failed media broken due to image context menu overlay being ontop of the clickable area
[FUR-1122] - font size reset on .results.media .contentBlock for cta paragraphs to show
[FUR-1123] - favourite open from media results doesn't open the favorites list
[FUR-1126] - Unable to delete tmp folder after processing textual documents
[FUR-1128] - closing/cancling of a preselected dialog.FileBrowser doesn't perciest the preselected items

New Feature

[FUR-852] - Pages - shops
[FUR-1111] - Add currency settings to accounts
[FUR-1113] - View tracking for page shop items
[FUR-1118] - Listing stats per object based on NN
[FUR-1119] - Add global stats for each general object type


[FUR-1114] - Add filter type to pages search
[FUR-1120] - Add stats link to bottom of page
[FUR-1124] - Improve scrolling performance and jump of featured picture
[FUR-1125] - Dialogs become offscreen/mis szied on small screens


[FUR-829] - page type - shop
[FUR-836] - page managment - shop settings
[FUR-1109] - List shop items globally
[FUR-1110] - List shop items on page
[FUR-1112] - Able to start purchasing dialog via buy button on item