Furiffic - Update log
Well its a change log


[FUR-1191] - Broken page creation to select default shop currency
[FUR-1193] - Broken facebook login after probable api update
[FUR-1195] - Some items not being cached by SW
[FUR-1196] - content block headings being hidden in frame dialogs making it impossible to reupload media
[FUR-1197] - height/overflow issue on dialogs that fall out the bottom of the screen
[FUR-1198] - reduce empty values in advert lines to always have consecutive line numbers when indexing
[FUR-1200] - ratings get reset when editing a journal
[FUR-1203] - clear comment cache after editing a comment reply
[FUR-1204] - set canonical for page post to the post url
[FUR-1205] - character comment box comment reply notification is showing broken image when primary picture isnt set
[FUR-1206] - character eye and body colors are not searchable
[FUR-1207] - Allow multiple pasting of media item links and pasting of media links into empty editors
[FUR-1208] - page shop item sku generator needs to generate shop sku left 0 padded rather than right 0 padded
[FUR-1209] - setting someones rank causes you to be logged in as them
[FUR-1211] - when posting a review and you (cmd + enter) it needs to trigger form submit
[FUR-1212] - page notifications - quote open, links to a invalid place
[FUR-1213] - Pricing config acts strange when form fields have spaces in the names
[FUR-1214] - Editing bbcode causes a new line to be added before the pre content
[FUR-1216] - page shop item comment box notification has a broken image for form submission
[FUR-1225] - Unable to open comment box notification for sub type page shop item

New Feature

[FUR-1233] - Adding emoji/sticker picker to editor and support for user packs
[FUR-1234] - Migrate old emoji pack into sticker packs as classic pack
[FUR-1235] - Add side navigation to new uploader to improve ux on desktop due to no side scrolling


[FUR-1156] - Gallery Suggestion (folder visibility, ability to make items only show up in gallery folders rather than all gallery)
[FUR-1190] - remove surrounding margin and border and padding from all pages and check inner content flows correctly with grid
[FUR-1194] - Removed unused fetching of results for homepage recents members
[FUR-1201] - prevent purchasing when no quantity is available for purchase
[FUR-1202] - add purchase button to top of page shop item
[FUR-1215] - Move fb tracking to inside __init to prevent delaying dom ready
[FUR-1217] - add download button to textual uploads
[FUR-1219] - Replacing prestore with sw caching
[FUR-1221] - New uploader/publisher ui and ux
[FUR-1222] - Only hide the image in the lazy load set of images rather than the whole content area
[FUR-1223] - Update to AUP
[FUR-1224] - Fine tuning to new uploader for ux
[FUR-1226] - Update design of error page to make it cleaner and more obvious that something went wrong
[FUR-1227] - Prevent login attempts for site/google/facebook/twitter on sessionless sessions
[FUR-1228] - disallow all on robots.txt for dev site
[FUR-1229] - Rewrite input type checkbox to use new icon and not position relative
[FUR-1230] - Move js logic from media handler for calculating max rows into css and media queries
[FUR-1231] - Prevent parent scrolling on dialogs and other ontop content
[FUR-1236] - Scroll fixed element dialog on scroll event of all scroll parents rather than just document

Colliefan · 13/06/2017 09:51 · 1 Reply

A lot of work.

Bun Fluffpaws · 13/06/2017 18:15

Yeh quite a lot work, and a few things broke with it but its all cleaned up, so announcement time