Furiffic - Update log
Well its a change log


[FUR-1239] - only show page shop items on homepage that match the users maturity rating
[FUR-1273] - Broken dragging of media if the device doesnt support drag and drop
[FUR-1284] - Broken mentioning in messages due to new boosting of contextual accounts
[FUR-1288] - Broken page shop items requirements linked lists
[FUR-1289] - Broken page shop item listing of types in search
[FUR-1296] - Broken prestore polyfill after closurecompiler update
[FUR-1300] - Cta sometimes not loading when visible on screen
[FUR-1301] - Media context menu search index is off by 1
[FUR-1305] - File browser search results were broken after previsious update
[FUR-1308] - Double removing of items from table handler causes errors
[FUR-1310] - Removed context menu from tabbox for mobile

New Feature

[FUR-1290] - Add task to post popular items to twitter
[FUR-1309] - Add message session listeners panel to messages, along with last active
[FUR-1311] - Add age gate and age gate>registration to viewing mature/adult media when direct linked
[FUR-1312] - Add enabling of mature content from registration
[FUR-1314] - Add map with users listed on it


[FUR-1069] - Add ranks next to name in messages to identify staff (By Pyruoo)
[FUR-1238] - Message page bug (Unable to view messages) (By Morisith)
[FUR-1240] - Private messages (Messages wont load) (By Colliefan)
[FUR-1241] - reload ratings select on preferences after updating dob
[FUR-1243] - Can't upload icon (Broken profile picture uploader in recent update) (By lycheefreeze)
[FUR-1244] - Can't change my Icon (Broken profile picture uploader in recent update) (By Kinaj)
[FUR-1246] - Rewrite message queue worker with stomp rather than amqp as it better integrates with ng
[FUR-1247] - Update Facebook sdk before api expires
[FUR-1248] - Paginated search results for js render are not being wrapped in a [page]
[FUR-1249] - server render of search results are not limited by the users result limit setting
[FUR-1251] - Auto rotate images that get taken that contain rotation meta data from cameras
[FUR-1252] - Stop with the pop up already (Broken dismissing of uploader updated dialog) (By Wynters_Cypher)
[FUR-1253] - Remove WIP from advertising
[FUR-1254] - Tidy up navigation on knowledge base
[FUR-1261] - on messages for the pre fetch, send the name remap of people in message session
[FUR-1262] - Add incorrect details feedback button to bottom of knowledge base items
[FUR-1263] - Convert mention from db lookup to es to support boosting
[FUR-1264] - Add mention boosting support to editor and messages
[FUR-1265] - Added default sort on admin logger when no query is set
[FUR-1266] - Edit upload page?? (Moving upload page header to the footer as its visible by default but less useful once using it) (By lupeyroo)
[FUR-1267] - Add easier link to page owner (Add listing of page staff in side bar with members list) (By Lag)
[FUR-1268] - Automatic expiring of expired adverts and notify user
[FUR-1269] - Center banner on mobile
[FUR-1270] - Add sw appshell experiment
[FUR-1271] - Convert new scroll messages notify into a notify fab
[FUR-1272] - Move edit media tooltips into their own tooltip info to prevent accidental hovering
[FUR-1278] - Add tests for uploader types and apply fixes textual documents
[FUR-1280] - Auto dismiss media notification on opening of media items
[FUR-1281] - Rename page shop item quote comments to private comments
[FUR-1282] - Experiment with font loading options
[FUR-1283] - Add my purchases to contextual navigation
[FUR-1287] - Adding user submitted sticker packs
[FUR-1291] - Add visibility to sticker packs
[FUR-1292] - Advertisement links aren't working (Adblock plus issue) (By Chirmaya)
[FUR-1293] - Add og/twitter/meta description to page posts
[FUR-1299] - Auto install sticker pack when its created

Colliefan · 30/08/2017 20:13 · 2 Replies

Not a fan of the "session listeners panel to messages" as it makes the window smaller and reminds me of the broken FA notes. I do like the "Map" feature, I had some fun playing around with that today.

Bun Fluffpaws · 30/08/2017 20:18

Could you please submit the one about message as feedback so it can capture information about your screen to help us reorganise it for smaller screens, Its likely that it will be collapsible/default collapsed for smaller screens.
And thats good to hear about the maps, hopefully we can get some more use out of that for local meets/cons/new people in your area, at a later date.

Colliefan · 30/08/2017 20:38

I have done. I did wonder how I missed it, but now I know its a new feature.