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5 star rating by Athena

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5 star rating by Athena

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Furiffic posted

18/05/2016 22:35

Have a question?

Then drop us a quick post and we will get back to you with a answer, whether its serious, funny or just plain random, go on ask it.

Want to give a review?

Awesome, click me!

Have feedback about the site or a feature?

Then hit that Feedback button and tell us whats missing or can be improved upon.

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 18/05/2016 22:46 · 1 Reply

Done a review. Also, why it's showing a four an half stars on the page?

Bun Fluffpaws · 18/05/2016 22:49

I actually don't know, umm bug :D
That one is going in my tidy up list.
Not overly bad in general, i think pages has only had a few issues in total and none of them were that big

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 18/05/2016 22:51 · 1 Reply

Oh alright then. Yeah maybe it is a bug. Yeah I think its a bug, because its showing five stars on the review page but on other pages are 4 an half stars.

Bun Fluffpaws · 18/05/2016 22:54

I can kind of guess what it is, but its getting late (midnight) so im going to be heading off now, night :D 

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 18/05/2016 22:55

Oh ok then. Plus, its not really much a big issue will not cause bit of connivence at all; so take your time, I think. Good night.

PartyLike · 20/05/2016 16:17 · 1 Reply

This looks like the group to be in! :P

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 21/05/2016 01:47

Yeah indeed. Hi.

Anko Scarlett · 21/05/2016 17:12 · 1 Reply

Here comes dat boi

Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English · 21/05/2016 22:51

LOL, and here I'm; Hi.

jordan711 posted

15/09/2018 16:01

but im a new in furiffic

Colliefan posted

16/04/2017 22:14

What happened to the latest members to join list that was in the top right corner?

I lost. · 17/04/2017 07:08 · 8 Replies

It has been replaced with an ad spot

I lost. · 17/04/2017 07:08

You can find new members under the members tab.

Colliefan · 17/04/2017 09:44

I know as I found it last night while looking. I have to give this change two thumbs down. Not only does it make it harder to find said feature it also clutters up the main page with ads, the same thing that upset so many FA users.

I lost. · 17/04/2017 15:55


Colliefan · 17/04/2017 16:32

Removing a useful feature and then hiding it in a submenu so you can plaster more ads on the main page isn't such a wise move. Keep in mind ads cheapen a site and too many ads is what angered so many FA users and forced them to use ad blockers or leave. I warned Weasyl about something similar when they changed the thumbs, a lot of people left over that change and the staff's refusal to fix it, same deal when FA changed the thumbs and upset many users. Now I will never buy anything advertised here because there's too many ads.

I lost. · 17/04/2017 16:53

The advertisement of furry arts, crafts, and writing, is a very important part of any furry website like Furiffic. Exposure is very key to new and old artists. The staff of furiffic recognise the importance of such things and cater to our user's needs.

The new member's option was always there in that "Submenu". We didn't hide it. ;) 

The new member's feature was never a dominant feature on the site to begin with. 

You'd have to be pretty lazy to complain about a change like that. 

Colliefan · 17/04/2017 17:01

it was better the way it was. Also all the ads plastered all over the main page put me even viewing, so artists aren't even getting their art viewed by me now. So trying to flog me crap I'm not interested in and removing new members feature from the main page has had the opposite effect and put me off viewing the main page at all.

I lost. · 17/04/2017 17:03


Colliefan · 17/04/2017 17:04

Each to their own I guess.


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