By the furs, Fur the furs.

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5 star rating by Athena

by Athena6 months ago

5 star rating by Athena

very good
by Athena6 months ago

5 star rating by Mike Nobody

by Mike Nobody07/06/2018 14:59

5 star rating by Moa Pie

As the others have said The layout is so nice! Easy to find what you are looking for! The java feels a bit clunky but I feel that is very minor and will be better over time! Staff have been very helpf
by Moa Pie06/09/2017 16:49

4 star rating by thatBADfolf

I love Furiffic. One problem I have noticed is that the staff can get a little, well, rude at times, I wish to have better experiences here. Great job on everything else tho!馃槤馃槤馃槤
by thatBADfolf28/06/2017 17:42

4.5 star rating by thatBADfolf

I LOVE FURIFFIC! It is my new favorite art website for furs!
by thatBADfolf13/06/2017 20:11

5 star rating by Matt Tiberius Wolfstein

As a recently new member of this website, I really love the layout that has been designed by the staff of Furiffic. It is easy to work with while also presenting new aspects and features I have never
by Matt Tiberius Wolfstein02/12/2016 16:05

5 star rating by Morisith

by Morisith24/05/2016 19:42

5 star rating by Marina Neira

Love the layout! I keep finding typos and that's a little annoying, but the staff is great and listens to its userbase. I think the site has a lot of potential. Loving the color schemes too!
by Marina Neira 23/05/2016 20:21

5 star rating by Wings

To be honest when I first signed up for Furiffic I was scared because most art sites haven't been the best experience for me. I was proven wrong in the best way possible. The site has an appealing se
by Wings19/05/2016 01:42

5 star rating by powderedsugarfrost

Bun Fluffpaws {/bun} is the sweetest person I have met and has been such a joy. This art site has so much potential and the community is very friendly Stars 10/10
by powderedsugarfrost19/05/2016 01:16

5 star rating by Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English

I give 5 stars for all because The community and staff of furiffic, they all are nice people and staff.
by Joe Ronald Martin Nat-Khan English18/05/2016 22:45