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GenderFluid posted

25/12/2017 23:10

Hi folks! Merry Christmas, happy holidays, or if you don't celebrate anything I hope your day is going well.

If anyone wants to make a new icon or banner, lemme know. Otherwise, I may create them myself!

lupeyroo · 26/12/2017 11:56

Merry Xmas everyone!

lupeyroo posted

26/02/2017 00:20

Out of Curiosity, What sexuality do people Identify as? I struggle to explain this to people but physically I would identify as heterosexual but that isn't entirely true because I have quite a strong side to me that doesn't reflect my physical gender and I gain attractions to the opposite sex that is Homosexual and kind of see myself as that way sometimes. (not sure if anything I said makes sense) Basically no matter what gender I am currently identifying as, I like dicks 

FranzMewDrache · 08/03/2017 05:09

Hey there! I personally am pansexual, which (just in case anyone doesn't know) means I can be attracted to any gender.
Also! I did a quick bit of research, and found a term that you may be able to use for your sexuality!
Androsexual/Androphilic: attracted to males, men, and/or masculinity
There's also some more helpful info on the website I found this definition from here.

Karpish posted

04/12/2016 20:33

I have noticed this group isn't very active and I might not get the result I desire, but I need some advice. 

Have any of you come out to your family yet? How did you go about it and what was the result? If they didn't accept it or acted negatively what did you do? I love my parents to death, but they are very traditional christian.

I'm scouring the web for genderfluid and other lgbtq support groups by I keep coming up empty. It's quite frustrating. >~<

lupeyroo · 04/12/2016 21:40

To be honest, I dont think being gender fluid/queer  is anything big to "come out" as. Just be yourself and however you feel that day/week/hour and let people accept your masculine, femanine or androgynous ways. If you feel like it will help then by all means say to them that sometimes you feel like acting/being/doing things that is traditionally seen in the opposite gender but that it doesn't change who you are or how you feel about your own or their own religion/lifestyle choices. Just be proud of who you are and continue being yourself. Your family should love you regardless :)

Perdibirdie · 04/12/2016 22:46

It kind of just happened, my mom saw I've never been feminine and I act more masculine a good majority of the time, and other times I just don't know.
I came out as trans a while back, as I really had no clue what gender fluidity was back then, now a days I just feel it suits me to better say 'gender fluid' as I tend to go back and forth.

NiLu · 04/12/2016 23:26

I told my dad about it before my mom ik a passing conversation. Da was pretty ok with with, he didn't really understand it but was accepting me for who I am. Mom was a little more surprised and kinda annoying about it with not willing to understand about it. Most of the time, I find that its best not to shove it in people's faces. You are who you are and its ok to let people know the view of your gender but if you make it a huge deal than you just end up being a pain for others.

FranzMewDrache · 10/12/2016 02:12 · 1 Reply

I haven't come out to my parents yet, they aren't really the greatest of people to be honest. My dad says he's conservative and Christian, but his actual opinions are very much liberal. My mom is pro-LGBTQ but has harassed my sister about being bisexual in the past.

NiLu · 12/12/2016 16:58

Ive found that a lot of people who support LGBTQ don's actually support the B part of the mate's mother told me "bisexual doesn't exist, it's just a transition point for someone turning gay and the only people that are Bi usually end up cheating on their lover and turning gay." She said this from experience so I understand why she was upset with the Bi thing, and she later apologized for being rude but it was still kinda weird after that. 

I hope your parents are mature about the fur fandom and are kind to you about it if you do decide to tell them...honestly I don't really think it's a big deal, kind of like being into the star trek or star wars fandom....its just being part of a community where you all like the same/similar things and there are good and bad parts to the community.


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