Hybrid Fursonas

Is your Fursona/OC/character a hybrid of two or more animals? Then this is the group for you!

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3 star rating by Perdibirdie

Just joined and looking into things that spark my interests. Funnily enough I find this group, and my fursona's a hybrid as well so I figured I may as well join. Only thing I'm disappointed by so far
by Perdibirdie · 04/12/2016 22:41

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Dragonhuntx posted

16/08/2016 08:18

Huh, didn't expect someone to use my art as an icon for something. Pretty cool~
It would've been nice to ask first, but I guess as long as it isn't like claiming it it's fine. Hope to see how this group would grow~

Hybrid Fursonas posted

09/08/2016 11:35

Hello everyone! Why not tell us a little bit about your hybrid sona? Maybe what inspired you to choose that combination of animals?

Raven Foxx · 02/11/2016 17:50

I am a dragon-fox hybrid.

Perdibirdie · 04/12/2016 22:38

I started off with parakeet x caracal, but I decided my favorite was cockatiel. Recently I added a bit more to my character u3u
Among being a hybrid I'm also an arch angel character (hardly ever shift forms though)

Sticky Paws · 30/01/2017 02:09

My fursona is a shark and bull terrier hybrid :D

Dreamsthefox · 13/04/2017 16:06

Gecko/Tiger hybrid

Onixea · 04/06/2017 15:43

(Ops sorry for the spam ;;) My main is a wolf/kitsune shapeshifter. She was originally just a wolf shapeshifter but was experimentally spliced with a kitsune by an alchemist. There's way more to it but I could write a book about my world lore xD

ChumBagel · 20/09/2017 18:25

My fursona, Eria, is a cat-dragon hybrid :)


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