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Have a furry based off of a mythical creature (dragons, unicorns, pegesai, griffons, kitsune, etc.)? This is the place to be?

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29/03/2017 13:52

Hello all!

First of all, thanks to those subscribing to this page!

Now to get things started with a few warm up questions!

First, What is your favorite mythical creature and why?

And next, do you have a mythical fursona, and if so what?

For me, my favorite mythical creature is a unicorn. Despite being seen as a girly character due to being featured in lots of cute pictures, unicorns are very powerful creatures that represent wisdom, strength, power, gentleness, and peace. Also, unicorns are prevalent throughout lore all over the world.

My second fursona is Spellbound, a black unicorn with an orange mane, tail and eyes. He is close to, personality wise, with Doctor Strange.  

Lulu_Angel · 29/03/2017 14:21

Dragons and unicorns, because they are awesome hehe, my favourite and first fursona I made is a species I'm currently working on, it's a dragon, she is called Daphne

CatDetective · 27/02/2018 10:03

Dragons, unicorns, and merfolk of any variety, to narrow it down to my top three... I had an MLP-style unicorn 'sona and I have dragon OCs... and I guess I do have a mer-sona alongside the other OCs...


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