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Offering digital reference sheets, badges, stickers and more! Feel free to come and browse. :)

Commissions done by Phoenix Baldwin for badges, reference sheets, and various other works!

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Digital Icon for purchase

A digital icon of your character (any species/gender). You'll be given a 3000x3000 px image for the full resolution, and a smaller version at whatever size you'd like, that would best fit where you wa
2 weeks ago

"Character Kickstarter" Bundle for purchase

Includes: -Flatcolor (Cel Shaded) Reference Sheet with 2 views, a headshot, and 2 small custom sketches. -A half-body digital badge. -A 10-Pack of Telegram Stickers All for 60$! You save a minimum of
3 weeks ago

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5 star rating by TyrTheDeer

Without a doubt, one of the best transactions. In the sticker market I have had nothing but complications, whether it be value, quality, communication, hell even just customer service in general. No i
by TyrTheDeer · 3 months ago

5 star rating by Ragemode

Great communication, quick and timely replies and asked my opinion on everything along the way. Recommended to friends looking for drawings!
by Ragemode · 3 months ago

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I have the October YCH up on FurAffinity! Trying to keep it in one place since it's an auction, but if anyone's interested in being the beast, or the hero fighting it, here's a link! The starting bids are only 5$!

(If you want to bid but don't have a FurAffinity account, send me a message, and I can put down your bid on the comment chain. ^^) It expires Sunday night!

All right! Midterms are over and done with, huzzah~ Schedule will be falling back into place! So far, things have remained pretty consistent with week-long turnarounds at the very most (the usual being 2-4 day turnarounds).

As always, let me know if you have any questions! 

Midterms are this week! Apologies if I miss any messages - I'll be checking in as often as I can, and then things should be back to normal until final exams!

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    If you are going through with a commission after receiving a quote and communicating with me, be ready to provide your e-mail address so an invoice can be sent. Feel free to inquire about when your commission will be finished, as I will keep communication open for the duration of the artwork being produced.

    Be aware that there are some subjects that I am not comfortable drawing. Feel free to inquire on this at any time.
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