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A Page for all furry fans of Vocaloid to meet other furs and discuss all things vocaloid! :3

(UTAU, CeVio and other similar software fans are welcome but this group will focus around Vocaloid)

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5 star rating by Susy

Its a great group full of understanding and kind people. I love this group ♥
by Susy · 20/12/2016 15:26

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Omg look at this amazing pic of Merli by @cocoro ! 

Susy posted

21/02/2017 03:26

my Japanese teacher knows who hatsune miku is and showed the class a live concert of world is mine and i was the only one(besides my teacher) who like and understood it. Ahhh im freaking out sooo much!!

Vocaloid furs telegram chat!! 
A place for furries that like vocaloid to hang out and share art, pictures and music together!


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