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03/04/2018 00:51


Wishies are a semi-open species. This means that you have the ability to create your own, with only a few restrictions. Here is how you can make your own Wishie!

1. Consult the Species Guide and Trait Guide.


2. Create and draw your own Wishie using the common traits. You have a limit of one uncommon trait. There is no limit to how many Wishies you can make and own!

3. Submit your Wishie with "Wishie" as their species and as one of their tags, then tag @namelessfeline in the description. Then, reply to this post with a link to your MYO.


Submit your Wishie to the {DeviantArt} group as a MYO and tag @namelessfeline.

4. Wait! You should receive a comment or PM soon with the approval status of your Wishie.

♥ I can't wait to see the population of Wishies Villa grow! ♥

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